stance on the problems that reality television has on the youth

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Problems That Reality TV Has on The Youth Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract This paper takes a stand that reality TV has caused visible harm to the young generation. By using statistics, previous research, and numerous examples, it explains in detail how the damage has come about. Nevertheless, the paper acknowledges that reality TV provides a unique form of entertainment flavored with drama and suspense. The article first shows how reality TV has led to low self-esteem in young people. It then discusses how the reality TV has led to the erosion of social norms and morals. The article further proves that scenes of unethical behaviors are rife even in popular reality shows. Finally, the paper explains how and why an increasing number of youths are getting addicted to reality TV. It demonstrates the harm by showing how the addiction leads to reduced productivity. The paper concludes by giving recommendations on how to mitigate the damage caused by reality TV. It urges producers, TV owners, and parents to take the initiative and control the content that young people watch. Problems That Reality TV Has on The Youth Reality TV has been on a steady rise. Ever since they hit the stage in the late 90’s, the audience has been increasing every year. People love the shows because they are entertaining and thrilling. Furthermore, unlike most movies, they give the audience a chance to know the everyday life of the actors and contribute to the show. For example, in some plays, the audience votes on which characters will be retained or eliminated. Despite those advantages, reality TV shows have presented new problems, especially for the youth. They

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