Stalking (domestic violence)

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STALKING Name Institution Introduction In society, stalking is referred to as the act of pursuing or approaching an individual stealthily due to obsession. People usually involved in such activities are fascinated by the person they trail. The individual tracked can be famous, a former companion or in other cases outstandingly beautiful women. A stalker more so gets involved in the victim’s life and becomes familiar with all the aspects surrounding him or her. Naturally, stalking is compared to laws of the jungle whereby the stalker is deemed the predator and the latter the prey. (Meloy, 2001) Characteristics of a stalker They are classified as those members of the society who feel rejected and unwanted by others. They have a habit of isolating themselves from others. Moreover, stalkers comprise of individuals who are seeking intimacy with others but lack the courage to reveal their intentions in a mutual conversation. They always try to create a “romantic relationship with the victim.” Stalkers are also socially incompetent because they try to create a connection with the victim, but the lack of social skills causes a denial. The rejection makes them resentful, and in the process, they exploit their predatory instincts by causing harm to the victim. (Dressing and Gass, 2006) In most cases, the stalkers are interested in finding out about the victim’s usual routine. They aim to know their homes, places they frequent most and their daily activities. The information is then used to track the movement of the victim secretly with the intent of either harm or other depraved desires. Research has proved that the profile of a stalker is different from that of

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