Staffing the HR Department

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Staffing the HR Department Student Institution Date Introduction Human resource management oversees all the activities and programs that are related to the workforce in an organization. Some of the functions of the department include staffing, compensation and benefits packages as well as defining jobs in a company. Most companies are using the human resources as a competitive strategy to increase profitability, market share and customer loyalty. Notably, labor productivity and efficiency are critical in cutting recruitment costs and enhancing company performance. For companies with the efficient human resource, there is low resignation, labor turnover and absenteeism. There is also a high level of engagement between the workers and the managers in company with excellent HR departments. It is therefore essential for firms to ensure there is adequate planning on staffing, compensation and job defining. Ultimately, the human resource will contribute to the competitiveness and profitability of the company. Google Inc. is an American multinational company venturing into internet-based operations with a mission of ensuring availability and accessibility of global information by the consumers. The study on staffing will be based on the Google's human resource management. Functions of a Human Resource The mission of Google Inc. entails organization of information to make it available and useful to people around the world (Google Inc., 2017). With such a vision, the company must rely on the staffing function of the human resources department. The vision focuses on the global aspect of information, and thus the human resource must ensure the right people hold the

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