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Name Professor Title Date SSH101 Final Take home Section PART I The era of common man began in 1820’s when Andrew Jackson was elected the president. Difficult economic and complex social changes were experienced during the Jacksonian era. During the Jacksonian era, several important reform movements in history began. The reformers committed themselves to activities like improving the treatment of the mentally ill, abolishment of slavery, free public schools and education, controlling the sale of liquor/beer, legal and political rights for women, social relationships, and crime eradication. Women in America were not socially strong as men in the early 1800s. Women had no right to vote, and the married ones were not allowed to own property or even keep their earnings. However, the temperance and abolition reform movements gave women an opportunity to get intricate in the public dome. The change campaigns delivered a unique opportunity to escape the limits of the home and enter public affairs. Therefore, this made women protuberant in these reform crusades (Zinn 22). The activists Sarah Grimke and Angelina argued that women and men were created equal and therefore, they should be treated equally by law (Zinn 36). A women rights convention was organized in 1848 by Stanton and Mott to declare women as equal to men. Some states then passed acts allowing married women to possess property. The reformers were also motivated to help people suffering from insanity. This is because; the so-called insane people were treated with unbelievable brutality as they were believed to have been cursed with impure spirits. The beer problems attracted the reformers. It was dealt

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