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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date PART III: A. The emergence of the first two political parties in the US started as a disagreement between two of President George Washington’s secretaries. Alexander Hamilton, Treasury Secretary, set out to develop an economic structure in the US meant to improve public confidence on various government financial affairs. His proposal of assuming both the individual states and confederations debts was a sense of loyalty and gratitude to the US citizens. However, his idea of establishing a national bank that would regulate the country’s financial affairs was met with hostility by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State. Jefferson had a digressing view on the interpretation of the constitution. He believed that that which was not included in the Constitution was unlawful while Hamilton still held on the belief that any act that is constitutionally forbidden is allowed. Jefferson believed in a strict interpretation of the law unlike Hamilton’s loose emphasis on how the constitution should be interpreted. Due to their strong political influence in the US, there was divided public perception which later led to emerging political parties. The Whiskey rebellion in West Pennsylvania was driven by Hamilton who later became the father of the Federalists. Jefferson, on the other hand, lead the Democrat-Republicans who believed that the state government should be stronger than the federal government. B. The society still clings on the perception that a woman’s work is to procreate and tender to the new souls while the mandate of the husband is to provide for all the needs of the family. However, this was not

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