Sporting Goods Industry 2

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Sporting Goods Industry The sport industry is made up of several various segments which include; sporting goods (retail and manufacturing), professional sports, sports tourism, sports apparel, outdoor sports, recreation, amateur sport activities, college and high school athletics, and sports businesses like sport sponsorship, sport marketing organizations, and sport governing institutions. Careers and jobs in the sports industry are uncountable and range from different businesses and segments. The sports industry is an industry where each individual can be successful by connecting passion for sports with interest in any other career. For example, an individual interested in medicine and sports can be employed as a medical practitioner in football, rugby, cricket among others. The scope, size, and flexibility make it one of the fastest growing industries. An industry refers to a market in which perfect substitutes and complementary goods are sold. While some industries can contain only one product, the Sporting goods industry is made up of a several goods sold to both existing and potential customers who are psychologically and demographically diverse, and who might change in want, need, demand, or desire (The Sports Business Industry, n.d.). The sporting products industry consists of all products sold as equipment, goods, and apparel for utilization in recreation, health, fitness and sporting activities. The industry can be subdivided into various segments, with different ways of describing these segments; this paper discusses sporting products industry focusing on four major aspects of the industry (The Sports Business Industry, n.d.). The major topics regarding

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