Spirit’s fullness and Power

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SPIRIT'S FULLNESS AND POWER Student’s Name Course Title: Course Name Date God Changing the Heart God changes the incisors of one's heart and transforms the individual by leading one into situations that demand an individual to connect to Him in belief, devotion and total confidence in Him. When one trusts in, depends on God, and avoids putting trusts in the narrow earthly resources, or even on oneself or on others, the individual sheds off the redundant scales of the sinful nature. The peeling off process allows Jesus to replant in one’s mind through more power of the Spirit, who the individual is providing space for in his heart of beliefs and confidence. At the time when prospects in believing and having confidence in the Almighty is available, one enters into the process of peeling off bad skin when one believes the truth of Jesus and what the Almighty has promised. One simply makes a choice to go to a place with the Almighty in one’s heart; rather than being embroiled in fear provided within the language of contradicting the lies from the enemy of the heart. The lies always attack the truth and nature of the Almighty and the His character that He has developed in one’s heart. The transformative process is such that when the opportunity arrives, one must choose to believe and trust in the Almighty while rejecting the power of dread that spreads lies over the credibility of God, which is the manner in which God shears the heart and transforms an individual; each individual's transformative process is often unique. The nature and Work of Jesus Even when an individual does the choice of God, yet it is God Himself who has orchestrated the process by

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