Speech organization

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Speech organization During a speech, the crowd is more probable to focus when the information in the speech is free flowing. Some speeches delivered even though entertaining may not have long lasting impact on us. Speeches that have an impact are well constructed. The paper discusses the how to organize ideas of the speech into a well-structured outline best. Conducting audience analysis aids in the process of arranging speech material. To turn ideas into a well-organized outline development of the body comes first followed by an introduction and lastly conclusion. The speech’s body is ready for planning once the specific and general objectives are identified. This is done by identification and arrangement of the main points, crafting them into a well-phrased thesis statement and development of each point with the relevant supporting material. Identification of the speech primary points begins by identifying about four main points that help in achieving the speech goals. Listing the ideas that relate to the specific goals comes first followed by eliminating ideas that the audience might be aware of as well as reducing the complex ideas. After identifying main points shape them into clear sentences. The most important points should follow some structural pattern (sequential order, narrative order, topical order as well as logical reason) to help audience recognize the most important points when delivering a speech. The main points are developed with sub-points and supporting materials. At this point, it is essential to come up with a thesis statement for the speech. Additionally, a well-written speech should have transitions since they are not only important in writing

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