Species Concept

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission The species concept The Darwin’s evolutionary theory was based on the natural selection. Darwin had to explain to the world the evolutionary theory because the concept of species was never known by the scientists during that time. The term species is used to similar objects or things with common features. The term species is applied to the living organisms to group them into either humans or fish (Mayr, 15). The term species can also be applied to non-living objects, for example, the species of minerals. This led to the confusion of the term species. The topological species concept is dated back to the days of Plato and Aristotle. It is called the essentialist concept. According to this concept, the variation is led by the imperfect manifestation of the traits of the species (Mayr, 16). The morphological features similarity is not a clear proof of belonging to the same species. The speciation has the aspect of genetic material evolution, the behavioral development, and the morphological advancement. In the concept of essentiality, the philosophy views species as the natural kinds embedded with essences. The philosophers view species concept as a type of essentialism with a given number of tenets. One tenet has either all or one of the members of the same kind having the common essence. The organism must be a part of the species evolving. For two organism to belong to the same species, they must belong to the same spatiotemporally continuous lineage. The similarity in morphology and genetic composition is not a guarantee that they belong to the same species. The nominalistic concept of species

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