spatial computing

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Spatial Computing Name Date Institutional Affiliations Spatial computing application in different fields such as in geoscience provides a reference to the technical details, concepts and operation guidelines that give the developers, IT professionals, and geoscientists the ability to understand the physical world, virtually navigate through places and transform the world it a hub of ideas. It is, however, not an ultimately perfect source of information. It is true that through the GPS services and virtual maps, accesses to locations have been simplified but travelers still require the assistance of tour guides. According to Worboys & Clementini, (2001) the observations are imperfect, imprecise and inaccurate. They argue that each of the observations made lacks a multi-resolution spatial model. This means that they can capture all the details and not only a certain level of resolution. The current spatial computing, according to the article, lacks the very essence of quality in the form of heterogeneity, timeliness, precision, completeness and relevance. Although quality is relative to the use, much ought to be done to include all the information on the GPS and especially to align the databases. According to the authors, imprecision is simply a lack of specificity. Inaccuracies result in the errors of commission and omission. The commission error occurs where there is parallax while omission is when the spatial coverage excludes a feature altogether. The central problems with the current spatial computing are an incomplete and conflicting presentation of features, and changing the representation of the dynamic phenomenon coupled with spatial vagueness.

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