Spanish Missions

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Spanish Missions in California Name Institution Date Spanish Missions in California This is research paper looks into details of the impacts the Spanish missions had on the current California. In order to be able to do this, the paper goes back to history and looks into details the arrival of the Spanish missionaries in California and how they established themselves and intermingled with the native people. It also looks into the history of the native people in California and their way of life before the initial entry of the missionaries. In looking at the historical context, the paper uses different sources in quest of identifying the arrival of the Spanish missions including their challenges and the impacts it had on the region both politically, economically as well as socially. It also details some of the impacts the Spanish missions had to California and its people until the present day. Consequently, the 16th century was a period where the European countries were determined in discovering new lands and colonize them in order to expand their countries as they had already occupied all the free lands in Europe. This led to the discovery of the New World, America by the Explorers. The Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez had led his country into discovering and conquering of a new land Aztec and named it New Spain, current Mexico (Weber, 2009). After being excited by the new conquering, the King of Spain asked Juan Cabrillo, who had served under Cortez crew, to sail Pacific in search for new rich places for Spain. This was after Cabrillo had sailed to the west and was not satisfied with the resources in the west. Cabrillo and his crew left Aztec on June 24, 1542,

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