SP-Unit 14

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date THE LEGAL SYSTEM AND ETHICS IN INFORMATION 1. Laws and statues provide protection for our computer usage (Hanrahan, 14). This is put in place to discourage any form computer crime that is being recorded daily. They include;- Individuals who are found in possession and accessing a computer device by cracking the password or access code will be penalized and prosecuted for fraud as the law stipulates. Individual are discouraged from interrupting any communication lines and Internet access. If found, he/she will be charged according to the laws put in place. The government has the right to access to any electronic device to access the information of a particular custom. This is when it’s a matter of state urgency 2. The challenges that the legal system are facing include-; Rapid technological advancement: -technology is evolving each day, and a better version of the previous one come out almost every day. This increased technological development i.e. applications and new protocols (Beckman, 6). As a result, when a problem occurs, it won't even be known after laws will be required to address these issues. Ironically, implementing the law takes time. This would have led to another invention. The other challenge is technological inept legal personnel. In this case, we don't have a legal team having adequate knowledge on computer and computer related technologies. The most challenging part is trying to equip the jury and the legal personnel on matters about computer knowledge and its application. Jurisdiction is also a major challenge (Beckman, 11). This is because, in computer networking and computer security, an

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