Sonny’s Blues

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English 2342 S70 February 13, 2018 Point of View, Whose Perception? This essay is written primarily to analyze Sonny’s Blues. It is one of the most remarkable works of the 20th Century. Much emphasis will be placed on the point of view used in the short story written by James Baldwin. A thorough analysis will follow, and a comparison of the narrator’s perspective, as well as that of the main character, shall be done in the ensuing essay. Sonny’s Blues is written in the limited omniscient point of view, most commonly referred as a first-person point of view. Consequently, the story is expressed from the narrator’s point of view. From start to finish, one of the characters narrates the story. It opens with the narrator reading about his younger brother’s arrest for using and selling heroin in the newspaper. Through his narration, the author makes the person narrating the central focus of the tale. It also allows whoever is telling the story to do so in his or her own words and from their perspective. This is essential as the viewpoint enables the audience to understand other things like the perspective, setting, and emotions of the characters. The narrator allows readers to gain perspective from his point of view regarding the conditions he and Sonny went through as they grew up. He contrasts this to how their lives have changed now that they have grown older. Furthermore, perspective provides insight, allowing the readers to understand the struggles that Sonny endured. Through the reading of Sonny’s Blues readers begin to understand the differences that the narrator and Sonny shared. Without comprehension of both characters’ backgrounds, the readers

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