Song of Songs/Song of Solomon

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SONG OF SONGS/SONG OF SOLOMON Student’s Name Course Title: Course Name Date Introduction In the beginning, God created man and woman and then brought them together as husband and wife, with the man recognizing the woman as his bone and flesh. The Song of Songs rejoices this type of union, one where a man and woman come together to be one. The Song of Solomon is a ballad of longing and love, an exchange of love notes showing adoration, delight, sexual desire and delight. It is a story of a young woman that has prepared to be married to her love, who is a handsome gentleman that adores her. The two describe the passion, emotion, appearances and fears. Moreover, they genuinely show their love and desire for one another in a graphical manner. The Song of Songs is arranged by character, and three parties take part in the song. First, the bride, who is described as a hardworking shepherd girl with a rough life (1:6). Second, the groom, described as a handsome, stately shepherd (3:6-11); however, the text does not make a clear reference of the groom to be Solomon. Third, the chorus, a community of peoples who are rejoicing the union and love of the two; the groom and his bride. Relationship with God based on Meaning of Sex in the Book God has a design for sexual morality, which is an approach that is founded on the doctrine of the Almighty. God wants people to develop a structure of sexual ethos that are based on Him. He has a right to sovereignty over people’s sexuality. The right is packaged in the development of the structure for sexuality. The word of God perceives of the construct in high terms. “The foundation of marriage is rooted in sex, which is a

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