Song Of Myself

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date “Song of Myself” “Song of Myself” a popular transcendentalism poem was composed by poet Walt Whitman. The poem constitutes the use of the pronoun “I” which highlights that the content or rather the events are personal experiences of the poet. The speaker is evidently represented as a person who moved from one boundary to another. "I pass death with the dying, and birth with the new-washed babe .... and am not contained between my hat and boots"(Whitman 8). Besides, the speaker postulates that there is both an indirect as well as a direct connection between life and death. The poet introduces a question in the form of a statement in the 6th section “‘What is the grass?”(Whitman 1). Following sections of the poem indirectly indicates the relationship between him and different aspects of nature. The grass is used in the poem to symbolize the baby. This is the start or rather the first step of life. Additionally, the grass is used to symbolize the divine nature of the life of humans. The line “Or I guess the grass is itself a child, the produced babe of the vegetation” shows that the poet tries to highlight how the life-death processes exist (Whitman 3). The poet sees the grass as a representative of the entire lifecycle. It shows that individuals are born and will die at one point. The grass is as well an indication of an individual as pinpointed by the statement “the flag of my disposition" (Whitman 4). According to the poem, in life, there is the reproduction phase, life itself and death. After a person has died, they in forming a new life. Per se, this shows that the poets

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