Solving Ethical Dilemmas: Part 2 Sexism

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Moral Dilemmas Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Moral Dilemmas Introduction The society is made up of people from different backgrounds. Therefore, it is important for people to have a set of rules that guide their interaction. Morals and ethics are applicable in these situations to maintain harmony amongst this diversity. However, some people fail to live by the morals set in their society thereby leading to moral dilemmas in the workplace, schools or other organizations. In spite of these dilemmas, the Seven Step Guide for Ethical Decision Making by Davis has been used as a way of solving the problem. Moral Dilemma Moral dilemmas happen in many instances when people interact with one another. I experienced a moral dilemma two years ago in my workplace. I realized that my colleagues were sexually harassed. They used to make sexist comments about others without minding the ethical code that guided the employees. Also, they failed to consider the feelings of the people they used to harass with sexist comments. I found myself in a dilemma after discovering the behaviors of my male colleagues. They were close friends and reporting them to the Human Resource manager would have resulted in severe consequences such as termination or suspension. Strategy for Solving the Dilemma in a Christian Worldview Perspective All dilemmas can be solved if all the affected parties are ready to face the challenge head-on. To solve this dilemma in a Christian perspective, I would have engaged my colleagues head-on and explained to them the anguish they were causing the victims of their sexual comments. I would also have used a neutral party to talk to these

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