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solutions c). coordinates of the y-intercepts 0,-2d).the coordinates of the critical points (0,-2) and (4, 6) e). the intervals on which the function increases or decreases get the first derivative using the quotient rule (Chen, Fox & Lyndon 82) f'x=x-2ddx x2-2x+4-/(x-2)2first derivative=x2-4x(x-2)2 Where if fx=0, the critical points are 0 and 4Function increases for x<0 , x>4 Decreases for 0<x<4f). the local maxima and the local minima from the first derivative x=0 or 4When x=0, f0=-2, f-1=-73, f1=-3 , hence x=0 is the local maximaWhen x=4, f3=7 , f4=6, f-5=193hence x=4 is the local minima g) The intervals for concave up and down we get the second...

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