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Name InstructorTask Date Solidarity Introduction Films and novels are creative tools that can play a vital role in highlighting social, political, and economic issues that humans face. Put differently, these tools can be used for entertainment purposes while at the same time challenging or raising questions about deep societal issues that are told through compelling human-interest stories. An example is the list of five films and a novel, which narrate the stories from a feminist perspective and portray women standing up for their rights and freedom. Even though the women in the said stories face many challenges, they are keen to overcome their struggles in male dominated societies. Inch’Allah Dimanche Inch’Allah Dimanche, whose equivalent English translation is Sunday God Willing, is a film set in 1974, a period when the French government gave a leeway to those working in France to be joined by their families through legal immigration. An example is the family of Zouina, a woman who traveled to France with her children to join her husband (Benguigui). Upon arriving in the country, however, she realizes that her husband does not allow her to explore the country as she had earlier thought, and she is confined to the house. Zouina does not have any friends, and even worse, her intimidating mother-in-law constantly scrutinizes her moves in the house, making sure she does not go outside the house (Benguigui). Zouina’s only reprieve is on Sundays, just as the film’s title suggests when her husband takes the family out. More importantly, the film highlights the position of women in the Algerian family and a woman’s struggle for freedom. The struggle for Zouina’s

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