Solar Thermal

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Running Head: SOLAR ENERGY Solar Water Heaters Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc468741353 h 2A) Solar Thermal Collectors PAGEREF _Toc468741354 h 3A-1) Instantaneous Efficiency PAGEREF _Toc468741355 h 3A-2) Linear Regression Analysis PAGEREF _Toc468741356 h 12B) Suitability for Installation of Solar Water Heater PAGEREF _Toc468741357 h 13B-1) Suitability of the Roof PAGEREF _Toc468741358 h 14B-2) Weather and Climatic Conditions PAGEREF _Toc468741359 h 15C) Estimation of Hot Water Consumption PAGEREF _Toc468741360 h 19C-1) Family Consumption of Hot Water Per Year PAGEREF _Toc468741361 h 20C-2) Shower, Bath and Basin Hot Water Consumption PAGEREF _Toc468741362 h 20D) Energy Content Calculation of Conventional Water Heater PAGEREF _Toc468741363 h 21E) Heat Extracted from Solar Water Heater and Financial Outlooks PAGEREF _Toc468741364 h 22Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc468741365 h 24 List of Figures TOC h z c "Figure" Figure 1: Flat Plate Collector Pictorial View (Kalogirou, 2004, p. 241). PAGEREF _Toc468741414 h 6Figure 2: Evacuated Tube Collector (Kalogiru, 2004, p. 246). PAGEREF _Toc468741415 h 9Figure 3: Geographical Location of Portside, Nottingham (Google Maps Source). PAGEREF _Toc468741416 h 15Figure 4: Aerial View of the Apartment (Google Maps Source). PAGEREF _Toc468741417 h 16Figure 5: Average Maximum and Minimum Temperatures in Nottingham, UK (Meteoblue, 2016). PAGEREF _Toc468741418 h 17Figure 6: Cloud Condition and Precipitation in Nottingham, UK (Meteoblue, 2016). PAGEREF _Toc468741419 h 18Figure 7: Maximum Temperature Profiles in Nottingham, UK (Meteoblue, 2016). PAGEREF _Toc468741420 h 19Figure 8: Amount of Precipitation

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