Solar Farms Benefits

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The Benefits of Solar Energy Use ] TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0 Project SummaryIn the recent past, climate change has become a point of focus for every major sector of the world. 2016 is anticipated to be the first year that global Carbon (IV) oxide levels are expected to stay above 400 ppm for the entire year. The greenhouse effect of carbon (IV) makes this a worrying trend. CO2 exists naturally and is essential to the ecosystem balance. However, it has a blanket effect that prevents heat from the sun from getting radiated into the external layers of the atmospheres. (project, 2016)This results in constant rising of global temperatures and the ultimate results are catastrophic such as the melting of ice in polar extremities and rising of coastlands. The chief reason for this phenomenon is the aggravated use of petroleum-based fuels. Scientists agree that global use of petroleum-based fuels is well past the recommended overall value is the global temperature is to be kept below the 2oC recommended in the Paris UN convention for climate change. ("Air Quality Index (AQI) Basics", 2016) So far, Petroleum has been the driving force to global growth. The economic vitality of energy for production has to be maintained. However, this has to be done consciously with the knowledge that ecosystems are reliant on one another and therefore the collapse of one is likely to lead on the diminishing of the others. Sustainability, therefore, demands that investments on energy be shifted towards cleaner energy. Solar energy is among the best solutions to this dilemma. Solar energy clean is not only, but it is also renewable and available in quantities that are unlikely to be

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