Soft Skills of Project Management

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Soft Skills of Project Management Soft skills are very important in project management. Every project manager must strive to learn them and therefore apply them in his/her position. The use of soft skills ensures that the manager works with the team members well. The manager can detect problems through the use of listening skills and therefore able to resolve them and bring the project to the right direction. Communication assists the project manager to pass the message in an effective manner to all stakeholders. Emotional intelligence is crucial as the project manager can understand his/her emotions so that they do not affect his behavior or decisions. A project manager must ensure that he/she balances his/her soft skills and the hard skill to be an effective manager. There is a great probability of a manager to fail if these soft skills are not practiced even if he could be excellent in the hard skills. Since project managers deal a lot with people, they need these soft skills to deal with the various types of people in a company. People are the most complex resources to manage in an organization, and these skills can help overcoming these challenges. Introduction A project manager works with a team to ensure that the project is successful. It is imperative for project managers to possess soft skills since they will allow them to manage project teams. Soft skills are personal attributes as well as interpersonal abilities that assist a project manager to be able to motivate team members, resolve conflicts and be in a position to offer high - quality employee and customer services. Soft skills include such things as communication, leadership skills, people management

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