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Marketing Concepts Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Abstract Soft Paper Company is a manufacturing company that manufactures and distributes paper-based products in hygiene and sanitation. The company’s portfolio ranges from tissue papers, paper napkins, kitchen towels, wipes, Hankies to facial tissues. The company strives to adhere to quality and promote consumers’ interests by ensuring that its customers get value for their money. The products are made from both recycled paper and virgin pulp using the latest paper technology. Soft paper is cognizant of the fact that to create effective brand awareness; proper marketing efforts needs to be undertaken. This calls for an elaborate marketing plan that identifies potential customers both at home and abroad and crafting effective brand messages through the right media channels. The company’s mission, vision and core values are important corporate identification elements that will aid in its marketing efforts. Product and promotion are critical components of a marketing mix that will help Soft Paper achieve better results. The company’s marketing department is crucial in coordinating the roles of sales and Advertising & public relations department. This paper discusses a range of marketing concepts that are critical to the success of a modern business that seeks to satisfy both local and a foreign market. Marketing Concepts Mission Soft Paper’s mission is to manufacture and distribute quality paper-based products that meet the expectations of all its consumers. The company’s manufacturing and distribution activities adhere to all standards required while being conscious of

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