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Sociology This paper briefly discusses the events of May 1, 2006, in the United States. The discussion begins by explaining the reasons behind the marching of immigrants in cities and towns in the U.S during this day. The organizations and start of the demonstrations are also regarded important in emphasizing the relevance of the demonstration to the immigrants. This information provides proof that the demonstrations were justified and expected to cause changes in the lives of, not only illegal but also legal immigrants. The paper further describes the magnitude of the demonstrations across the country stating the high records of demonstrators witnessed in some major cities in the country. Also, the consequences of the demonstrations are discussed to describe the state of the demos and the impacts on the cities towns and other people. Lastly, the paper discussed the aftermath of the demonstration and the impacts in had on the immigrants and the rest of the people in the United States. Protest against Illegal Immigration Policies May 1, 2006, was the culmination of a series of protests in the United States that began on March 10 in Chicago and continued for eight weeks. The protests occurred in major cities and comprised of mostly Latin American immigrants, Immigrants from parts of Asia and Europe and legal advocates. The demonstrations experienced thousands of people with Los Angeles City experiencing the largest number of protesters. The protests were in response to the proposed immigration policy that was perceives as being unfair to the immigrants. The proposed policy was referred to as H.R 4437 and was going to increase penalties for illegal immigration into the

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