Sociology – The Process of Racialization – Construction of Identity

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Cultural transition as a result of physical movement is perhaps one of the most pressing issues for Africans immigrating to the United States. The process of racialization makes it possible for human persons to merge with foreign cultures, nationalities, and identities. In above process of cultural consolidation there stem multiple challenges falling under different umbrellas; social, ethnic, national, and gender identification. This essay is an exploration of the process of racialization based on experience. The paper seeks to develop an analysis of personal experience with national, racial, social class, and gender identification. The essay subscribes to the concepts and theories discussed in class work material to determine the construction of my identity based on the cultural forces of a foreign nation. One of the greatest cultural and national challenges presented itself as a cultural shock. The shock can be termed as the feeling of disorientation caused by changing of one’s culture to another particularly through travel to a foreign nation. I am of the Liberian identity a nation located in the West Africa part of the world. Travelling to the United States created a fundamental challenge of cultural shock that was majorly characterized by a feeling of discomfort due to subjection to an unfamiliar culture, set of attitudes and the American way of life. It is mature supposition to note that a majority of Americans dine in a systematic manner, the dressing is defined by well-engraved norms and traditions, and the communication is quite implicit. Personally, I believe that cultural mismatch between the background of Liberia and that of America presented a fundamental

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