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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Sociology Introduction Over the last century, the world has transformed to a wide extent. The resources and their utilization have changed and so have the attitudes of people around the world. Sociologically, it would not be wrong to say that the world is at its most advanced stage right now. With more and more freedom of speech and people coming out of the shadows, many infrequent stories surface on a regular basis. One of those was the “Me Too” movement that started in Hollywood that will be discussed in this essay. Nature of the Problem It all started with the sexual assault scandal of a huge name in the Hollywood which was Harvey Weinstein. The A-list American film producer was accused of sexual assault by many women in the industry that caused quite the stir at a larger scale. The nature of the problem was very intense and was indicating how vulnerable women in Hollywood are because of the exposure to assault. The status quo was not only getting sexual favors from the women but was also automatically getting the upper hand where he could easily manipulate these whenever he wanted. It was a clear example of the unequal distribution of power. Looking at it from a wider perspective, it was bigger than just sexual misconduct but was ruining the largest film industry in the world by the instances of misuse of power CITATION Lan17 l 1033 (Langer). Emerging as a Public Issue Although the term was coined by Tarana Burke ten years ago, the idea got hyped up in October of 2017. A hashtag “me too” started on social media that was indicating towards the prevalence of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. Some of the huge

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