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Sociology Student Name Institution Affiliation 1. What are the basic values that form the foundation of American culture? American culture is enshrined in the various values that form its foundation. Self –Reliance is one of the basic values which represents the ability to provide necessities for self and those around people. Besides, equality of opportunity which offers equal chances to different people in the society. Competition; the right to compete with any regardless of their positions or abilities. Hard Work; working hard to provide your necessities and to fulfill one's ambitions. Also, the American Dream which is the freedom of opportunity for success. Furthermore, individual freedom; each has the rights to live freely, equal justice and fair judgment. 2. What new values have developed in the United States in the 1970s? Political Conservatism; The promotion of traditional leadership and governing Equality of women; Women like the men have equal opportunities in the state. They are offered an opportunity to undertake all activities and perform any functions without limitations. Standing out; many people started standing up to fight and raise concerns about their various rights. People become more united to fight for what they saw unfavorable to their welfare. The Anti-war protests; People were becoming annoyed with the rise of wars. There emerged protests to end those wars. Love; people preached unity, love, and peace among themselves. It later become a value among the people. 3. What was the main idea of Christopher Lasch’s book The Culture of Narcissism? The high rise of self-absorption that led to self-hatred, irrational emotions which weakened the bonds

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