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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Sociology Question 2 August Comte was a French philosopher who established positivism and sociology phenomena. Herbert Spencer was an English sociologist, anthropologist, biologist, and a political theorist. Karl Marx was an economist, sociologist, historian, journalist, philosopher, and a revolutionary socialist. Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist who dedicated his works in distinguishing social science from political philosophy and psychology. He also established the academic discipline. Max Weber was a German political economist, philosopher, sociologist, and jurist. Question 3 Early Sociologist Topics of Interest Theoretical approach Comte -Linkage between government, society, and religion. -Positivism. -Law of three stages-: Monotheism, Polytheism, and theological stage Functionalism Spencer Social Darwinism Conflict theory or functionalism. Durkheim Anomie Functionalism Marx Historian, journalist, economist, and socialist Conflict theory Weber Bureaucracy Conflict theory Question 4 Comte pioneered contributed to sociology through the establishment of theoretical science to study human behavior. On the other hand, Spencer came up with the Social Darwinism theory, Durkheim focused his work on identifying aspects that led to suicide, Weber advocated for the need of having an insight in intellectual practices, and Mark taught the importance of the economy and the necessity of conflict in society (Scott 6). The significant development in sociology is that it became a discipline full of scientific knowledge and based its theories based on scientific observation in place of impressionistic view. Question 5 When looking at the issue of

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