Sociology 2

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Sociology Module 8 1.7. Describe how the definition of the term "race" originated. How has the term changed over time? In your essay, you should also discuss how race has evolved as a social construction. Finally, discuss how race is embedded with social class. The race originated from a significant division of humanity into various minor groups based on five criteria. First racism shows some biological foundation based on Aristotelian. Second is that the same members may not share the biological characteristics thereby having different races. Third is the biological foundation is inherited from one generation to another allowing observers to identify one's race concerning his or her ancestors. Forth races depend on the geographical location where one comes from; be it from Africa, North America and South America, Europe or Asia. Finally, the inherited biological foundation manifests itself depending on the physical characteristics such as the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose and eyes, the bone structure the hair texture and also the skin color and other physical characteristics that vary among human beings. Apart from the physical characteristics, the behavioral phenotypes may vary such as intelligence. The historical perception of race has faced scientific challenges with some people denying the logical coherence concept and the existing races currently. The genetic differences among people from races that are different in nature have had repercussions that are social and historical in nature thus bringing about problems in the society, especially to the albinos. Today, race is a concept we may think has a meaning which is social in nature that tampers with the

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