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Name Course Date Instructor Silencing women Introduction Sexism has always been rendered as a problem that affects both men and women. However, attention has been greatly shifted to the women in our society. It has been a setback in our societal growth as women tend to be demeaned in their potential. The American culture has come of age to fight for the gender equality in all aspects. Women have been silenced in our society, and thus there is a greater need for all of us to fight and see to it that the norm is changed. The main reason for choosing this topic is that as an individual, I strongly believe that our women should not be silenced in whatever they do but rather be given the opportunity to express the issues they go through. Rebecca Solnit in her article “Silencing Women” describes how women have become victims of sexual assault. However, when they speak of such sexual crimes, their capacity and even right to speak come under attack (Solnit, 6). Anita Hill narrated how her boss called Thomas forced her to listen to him talking about the previous pornography that he had watched and even his sexual fantasies. Women in our society have become discriminated with their thoughts, and even the pressure they go through is not taken seriously. The society is patriarchal, and thus women tend not be taken seriously when they raise concern about what they go through. Many fear the unpleasant consequences that come with their experiences (Solnit, 8). Even with the efforts that have been made in the society, women still face these silent abuses upon them with the less belief in their potential. There is therefore much need for us to help in raising the women

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