SocioCultural Factors influencing Recreation and Leisure

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Recreation and Leisure Recreation can be defined as the activities that people undertake for pleasure and to refresh their minds. On the other hand, leisure can be said for the free time that people have to spent when not at work instead they spend it doing activities that they love such as watching movies sleeping or playing. Leisure and recreation are important for health purpose such as physical fitness. However, the two can be affected by social, cultural activities in our society. This paper will outline the factors that influence recreation and leisure and find a solution to these barriers. Age is one factor that influences our ability for recreation and leisure. During the early stages of life, many people get the opportunity to do leisure activities since there are fewer responsibilities to be carried out. Research has shown that children advance from one play to another according to their age. Modernization has contributed a lot to seeing children grow fast physically unlike in the past. This gives the children longer time to enjoy leisure and recreation in their childhood. The introduction of a comprehensive schooling system has ensured that teenagers have an opportunity to enjoy recreation and leisure. Through holidays and recreation subjects introduced in schools makes sure that adolescent boys and girls have free time before they get to the adult stage. The adult stage can be very involving due to family and work responsibilities. Although this age has a lot of responsibilities, some adults are making decisions to enter into family life later to enable them to have some

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