Societal Attitudes Towards the Child

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People perceive of the behaviors of a child with ADHD as disruptive, unpleasant, and perhaps irritating, and straight away, they may decide that they do not want to around such children. They are also perceived to have chronic aggression, recurrent outbursts, inclinations to arguments, a general disregard to requests and they often engage in frustrating behaviors. Students put into slow reading groups with the belief that the students are not bright (Mangal, 2007). Children can become the object their teacher's negative attention because of their talking lines, can be goofing around, and regularly, they just move about. Impact on the family Divisions in the family, in particular, the condition can lead to disagreements on how to handle the problem, and the disagreements can affect parent's relationships (Marshak, Dandeneau & Prezant, 2009). Without a doubt, raising a child with ADHD might be expensive since the child must make medical and therapy appointments on regular dates, a process that may dent the finances of a family. Since families have to content with a high number of behavioral, developmental and education disruptions, the situation demands more time, energy and logistics to be spent. Family with a member diagnosed with an ADHD is bound to be chronically stressed and this can happen to both the adults and children, and who are at high risks of developing physical and mental health problems. ADHD can create problems amongst siblings and which can lead to sibling rivalry. Teaching Strategies A teacher should put the students in less distracting places in the class The student should be surrounded by good role models A teacher should main minimal

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