Social Worker Profession

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Name Professor Course Date Social Worker Profession Social work entails working towards achieving social justice to community, family, and individuals via various ethics, skills, and knowledge. It intends to promote social transformation, development and as well as cohesion. Social workers are skilled in their respective disciplines with different abilities and values that are paramount in their line of profession. Their roles are inclusive of counseling, facilitating, social activists, peer educator and community developer. Social workers make a difference in the community because they provide social and emotional support and the job offers a variety of benefits and provide security. Social support plays a vital role in mental health and patients of substance abuse to help them with rehabilitation (Hall et al., 145). The support goes great miles instilled in successful overcoming life challenges patients faces. Patients who feel they are valued by others give them a sense of acceptance. It is a vital psychological aspect in helping them overlook negative aspects of their lives. It gives room for positive thinking in the environment they and most important the support helps avoid negative thoughts that lead to worse cases of anxiety and depression. Victims of domestic violence have various challenges with one being low self-esteem arising from partners not appreciating their value in the relationships (Torrey). The victims have trust issues which they have to deal with arising from broken promises. They require support through this phase of life to help them come to terms with broken promises of their partners. They need to be reassured and need company as they

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