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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: GOVERNMENT AND OLDER ADULTS Assignment 1 The legislative process in the current decade is considerate on the ever-changing circumstances for the aged in the State/Territory. The aged include individuals over 65 years. The old adults benefit from three different levels of non-government and government sectors. It also provides a breadth of various plans set by the government. The government guarantees and supports the welfare and health of the aged. Commonwealth government offers sites where the old people acquire agency and information policies and services (Chou 4). Additionally, the Department of Health and Aging ensures that the aged receive pensions, pharmaceutical and medical benefits, rent assistance, and community care support. Commonwealth government guarantees that the elderly receive financial counseling, advocacy services, retirement programs, rehabilitation, and health promotion programs (Moyer 455). My State provides the aged in the society with a range of housing, welfare, and health services. The Commonwealth government also provides services, funding, and support such as home help, respite care, and career assistance to these individuals (Chou 11). The state offers a range of welfare, housing, and health services for individuals aged above 65 years. Through observing the aged in my society, I have understood the need for coordinating the aged-care-services as it improves their lifestyle and health. For example, the program “aging in place” initiated by the Commonwealth and State governments in the recent years have proved useful in emphasizing and promoting home care and high care services. In this case, the

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