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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: How a Bill Becomes Law In the State of Massachusetts, before a Bill becomes law, there are several processes which it must undergo which are crucial in tracking lobbying and legislation to make it easy to prioritize. The legislative process is the initial step that a bill passes. In most occasions, this originates from the Senate or House, excluding the revenue bill and budget which by the constitution they must come from the House. Thus, any other Bill is filled by a legislator in the Senate or House Clerk’s office. After the filling of a Bill, it is given a number and registered in the book. Bills that come from the Senate their names begin with S and those from the House start with H. Before proceeding to the next step, the Bill must be presented for the public hearing which is conducted by the assigned committee ("The Legislative Process In Massachusetts | Mass Legal Services" 5). Therefore, this means that individuals can testify where this Bill is vital to the society or why it should be declined. After the hearing, the committee decides whether to report the Bill favorably or unfavorably. Bills said approvingly may go for further discussion in a different committee and after successfully making its way out it goes for a third reading. The final process is engrossment, where the reports of one branch are compared with those of other departments. If there is a conflicting situation, a committee is appointed to settle the differences; then the Bill returns to the original branch to be approved. It is then enacted in all the offices and lastly, taken to the governor’s desk. In over thousands of bills filled in two-years in

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