social siences/health care reform,,, integration of migrants into the asutrian Health Care system/reform

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Possible implications of Inclusion and Exclusion of Migrants in the current Austrian HealthCare Reform Process Contents Introduction__________________________________________________________3 Social Determinants of Health and Healthcare Inequalities_______________ _____ 11 Case Study Austria____________________________________________________19 Health Reform Framework Austria________________________________________32 Discussion and Conclusion______________________________________________45 References___________________________________________________________49 Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter Overview The chapter introduces the background and objectives of the research study. The background portrays the importance of social determinants of health on health and healthcare parameters across challenged communities. The chapter provides a brief description regarding the health status of migrant communities (referred to as MMH population) in Austria. The chapter also introduces to the methodology and the research questions that are framed for conducting the study. Background There has been a global consensus regarding the importance of public health in influencing the socioeconomic status of a nation. Traditionally, public health was viewed as a domain to reduce and control the spread of life-threatening infections across a community. Therefore, efforts like sanitation, implementation of hygienic principles, vaccination, and disease prevention interventions were given priority (Marmot 2008). For such purpose, different health promotion programs like lifestyle modifications related with dietary habits, smoking, and physical inactivity have been initiated

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