Social-order crimes

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Social-order Crimes Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Environmental crime is the violation of environmental law and regulation intentionally, recklessly and neglectfully. These laws and regulation can be violated at different stages for example when generating, treating, transporting or disposing of wastes as well as crimes against other components of the environmental like animals. In Michigan, one important basis for criminal prosecution of crimes against the environment is the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) (Finkelman, Hershock, & Taylor, 2006). Besides summarizing this statute, elements that proof its violation are also discussed, not to mention case example showing its violation. Lastly, it is important that criminal justice professionals understand the legal and social parameter of this statute as they conduct the investigation. Part 17 of the NREPA, MCL 324.1701-.1706, is the Michigan's Environmental Protection Act. It is a part of the statute that authorizes the court to put a stop to conducts that harm the environment based on proof presented in a lawsuit. Notably, this is a statute that enables private parties to protect the environment they same way they have always protected property and contract rights (Clifford, 1998). As a matter of facts, this statute is a modification of the traditional belief that only public agencies protect the environment. Unlike most other statutes, this one does not necessarily standardize through a governmental command-and-control scheme. Rather, the statute prevents agencies from authorizing conduct that causes harm to the air, water, or other natural resources. For this reason, a

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