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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Social Media Social media is the Computer-mediated technology that enables us to create and share information, thoughts, occupational interests as well as other forms of expressions through computer-generated communication and networks (Albarran, 33). These sites use web-based mobile technologies, for instance, smartphones, tablets, and computers, whereby a vastly interactive podium is created and individuals, communities, and organizations share and discuss contents that are dispatched online. Some of the renowned platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram among others. For that reason, we can say that social media has positively changed the way of communication for both individuals and large organizations. From Partridge (100), we get to understand that social media has many advantages over other types of media such as electronic media due to its quality, usability, perpetuity, proximity, and reach. For instance, with the rate at which traditional mediums of marketing like print ads, radio and TV commercials are becoming obsolete, social media becomes a cheaper option that has a high reachability (Guzzetti &Mellinee, 95). Both small and large organizations consider the fact that they can connect with their target customers for free before choosing it over other media platforms. Considering that the only costs incurred while using social media are time, energy and internet access we can see how beneficial they are. Also worth mentioning is the fact that these platforms have put an end to the communication and interaction barriers that used to be

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