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Social Media Name: Institution affiliation IntroductionThe presence of social media can be traced far back in humanity; it developed with the aim of enhancing communication with family and friends who are far away. It can be traced back to the times when the telegraph was famous. The current social media started developing with the introduction of computers. Its rapid development began when supercomputers were introduced. It has come with the development of computers such that as new improvements of computers were made social media was also improved. It has since developed into the current sophisticated social media we have. ( Ciastellardi, Patti, 2011) Thesis: The interest of many was not fast, but since the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, many things have changed. For instance, many businesses are conducted online, and customers are interacting with their clients often than they used to in previous years. Even though social media has its benefits, it also produces adverse effects on people. It creates concern and serves as a platform for bullying which latter leads to people committing suicide. Another primary concern is that social media has become a platform where politicians can ask for support. It has also facilitated to identity theft. In Ciastellardi et al.'s (2011) summary the positive impacts of social media are as follows; it has created communication quicker and more straightforward. Social media makes a significant impact in the marketing sector. Without social media advertising and marketing would be hard to do. Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are attained through sufficient interaction with customers on the

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