Social life/making friends on U.S. University campuses(international students’ experiences)

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Social life/making friends on U.S. University campuses (international students' experiences) Rebekah Nathan’s “My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student,” delves into the experiences of international students in the U.S. Nathan’s research project revolves around her submergence into the student life as a way of supplementing her vantage point. The author’s chapter, “As Others See Us” is quite detailed in enlightening her audience about the social experiences of these international students in the U.S. There is an understanding that Nathan details the prevalence of cultural discrimination as these students proceed to socialize and thrive in America. Social life and making friends on the U.S University campuses is significant for these international students to acquire a sense of belonging. Nathan correctly asserts that cultural differences affect the social lives of these international students. During her stay on campus, she interacts with a Japanese student that was experiencing difficulties in reconnecting with her friends. She particularly complains about the ‘barrier’ that some phrases cause apropos of friendship(s) and socialization. In fact, she is clear about the hypocrisy surrounding phrases such as “see you soon,” if at all the parties do not exchange their phone contacts. The author’s claim is correct since her readers are aware of the troubles of socialization merely due to cultural disparities. It is quite unfortunate that the Japanese student is conflicted on whether they should take the other person’s number or simply respond to the

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