Social Justice Calls For Strong And Articulate Rules

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The 1964 civil right act was an activists’ wave that aimed at promoting equal treatment for all Americans despite the race. The act proscribed public discrimination; employment and the use of public property. It addressed desegregation of schools and the discrimination that could arise in programs that were federally assisted (Orfield, 12). The Act helped set the foundation on which social differences were weakened. It protected the minorities by increasing their rights to vote. Although there was a reduction in the more violent racial oppression forms in 1950, the social differences were strong as most African-Americans lacked federal rights. Years later, the positive impact of enacting the 1964 civil right act can still be felt meaning that no matter how long it takes, social justice can be achieved through laws. Many stringent laws that protect the minority groups today are a result of a historic step that laid a foundation. Social justice calls for strong and articulate rules in some areas. Monetary, fiscal, economic, and social policies all combine specific objectives of attaining social justice. Social justice cannot be attained unless there is a realization that it is obligatory for a person in power to offer a service (Larson and Khaula, 138). While making the laws, therefore, they should aim to serve the interests of the minority rather than their own. In a democracy, the law defends the civil rights, maintains peace, and restricts the governmental powers. Everyone is equal under the law. The law does not allow any type of discrimination be against race, gender, religion or ethnic group. The employment laws are some of the regulations that relate to the

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