Social Issues in Sports

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Social Issues in Sports Sports have been used as a recreational as well as an entertaining aspect of the human life. However, as time goes by, the profession of sports has received great attention following the high income and revenues directed to the players and the club owners directly. Sports can, therefore, be seen to have experienced a paradigm shift in the ways people used to view and value it in the past. There have been changes in the social perspective towards sports with reports of sports viewers going down especially with the popularity of the internet in the society. Similarly, many people argue that sports have turned into a monopoly venture where some people control the way teams play as well as the movement of players through the huge salaries that they offer to these players. The other social issues related to sports is gambling. Many companies have come up hence influencing the outcome of the games. Social Issues in Sports Sports has been turned into a monopoly platform where investors and owners use the games for commercial purposes. For instance, the National Football League has been monopolized by the owners setting up rules that control the league and the way players can move from one team to another. Even the teams cannot be relocated from one town to another without paying a huge amount of fees just as seen when a new team wants to join the league (Che & Hendershott, 2009). The huge amount of wages paid to the players makes it hard for them to move out of the league. The individual owners of the NFL teams cannot sell their merchandise as it is only the NFL Properties that market all the NFL merchandise (Alexander, 2001). NFL also restrict

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