social injustice

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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Social Injustice Before the law, all men are equal. This tenet represents the foundation of justice systems and man’s confidence in his dignity. However, this tenet is often violated by social injustice. Social injustice rears its ugly head in archaic practices like discrimination and segregation of any form. Social injustice is a vice that must be done away with since it perpetrates negative sentiment and makes a mockery of the justice system. A single instance of injustice sets a dangerous precedence against the principles of justice everywhere CITATION Kin63 l 2057 (King). In the demonstrations by Martin Luther King against white supremacy, racism had grown so far as to be an unspoken law. In contemporary society, litigations against gay marriages and suppression of women rights are some of the social injustices that illustrate the necessity to curb the practice since they direct legislation. An approval of a single instance of social injustice validates all future incidences. Social injustice is an unprofitable affair. Historically, social injustice has been the cause of uprisings, civil wars, and riots. In Letters From Birmingham Jail, King explains that the social injustice against the black population was the cause of the protests in the streets. In the American civil war, slavery, a form of social injustice, was the fuel of the conflict that left so many citizens dead. At each turn, social injustice only causes conflict and damage. The fact that there are no gains, but the only conflict that undermines productivity is a red flag against social injustice. Although one may argue that social injustice represents

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