social inequality

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Merits of Social Inequality Introduction A society is a group of people living together, sharing some common resources, goals and interrelate for a good life. In a society, people are not equal in various ways. Some people are richer than others. Also, some people are more learned than others. The leaders and the subjects also form a different category of people. The differences that are evident in the society creates social inequalities that people need to embrace. Many people believe that such differences people have in the society are bad, but in many cases they are wrong. It is the differences that people have in the society that make life in the society complete. Instances of Social Inequality In the society, people are different economically, in age, education, and in employment terms. Economically, some people are endowed with more wealth than other people. This is the reason why the society considers some people to be rich and other people to be poor. The amount of wealth that a person has determines whether the person is in a low class, middle class or high-class category. These are social ranks that are created from the differences that people have regarding their riches. The different level of society groups, like low class or high class, means that the society is stratified (Stinchcombe 239-41). Normally, people in the high-class have big businesses that they use to create money. In such businesses, they need people of the low class to employ and work for them. Therefore, the amount of riches that one has also determined the type of work that they can do to sustain their livings. People in high class own large

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