Social class/education with focus on inequalties

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Author: Professor: Course: 20th December 2016 Sociological Class Inequality Perspectives Introduction The concept of social class in the society distinctly identifies a series of conflict among the people and their ways of life. The social inequality has been a controversial issue whereby several scholars have scholarly conducted studies on the causes of social class difference in the society (Holborn, Martin et al. 20). Social class is a group of people socially stratified and organized hierarchically with similarities regarding levels of wealth, education, status and their influences in society. The social classes identifiable in the society consist of the lower, working, middle and upper classes (Giddens 38). Education, on the other hand, is an important societal tool which aids in different functions’ fulfillment and giving opportunities to diverse learners (Giddens 488). It also helps in teaching the students their national history, their national languages, different skills to work as well as ethical conducts and religion. In general, education plays some important roles in the students’ lives by shaping them to being better people in the society in the future. It also opens them up to the many opportunities in the community (Giddens 491). However, the education capacity in the contemporary world introduces to us the concept of social inequalities in the society. Considering the different social, societal occurrences, sociologists have come up with distinct theories giving various perspectives of the social world. Several scholars have justified these methodologies through the interrelated principles and concepts explaining how different phenomena

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