Social Change Serves As a Prerequisite for Peace

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Social Change Serves As a Prerequisite for Peace. A mind that has been exposed to new ideas does not return to its previous way of thinking. Social structure describes the arrangement of institutions in the society where humans thrive and interact with one another. Social change entails exposing people to new ideas and ways of life through the transformation of policy, as well as the communal, cultural, and economic environment to foster equality. It is of great importance to the human life and the people as it serves as a prerequisite for peace. Social change is an indispensable aspect of a stable and healthy society. The behavior of people is influenced by the social structures, and the role of aspects of social justice is to ensure that the structures satisfy human needs. Change cannot be forced through leadership and leaders cannot bring social change and development as it has existed for many centuries. It only needs to be invoked from within (Reeler, 2007). At times, inequality, exploitation, and political segregation are characteristics of social structures and institutions. Nevertheless, systems in power have low chances of reversing such situations because the systems are designed to support the existing structures. Violence is likely to occur until a change of structural social change is achieved. To drive change, leaders need to embrace the adaptive practice. It involves observing and working with existing change drivers, resources, and oppositions instead of imposing them to those below. Structural change is vital as it assists in maintaining harmony in the society and addressing injustices. To avoid violence, the social inequalities should be addressed. An

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