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Francis Effect features impact of ecclesiastic activities of the Catholic Church on people’s lives around the world. It elaborates on new ways that the church is tackling issues affecting the faithful in different parts of the world, and how such new approaches are affecting the reputation of the church. Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church who is based in the Vatican. The character traits of humility and closeness to the poor have made the pontiff to accept by many people. Pope Francis can be termed as a leader with intention of reforming the Catholic Church which has faced some scandals in the recent past.He wants to restore the glory of the church. Owing to his traits, the pope is neither revolutionary nor Marxist .He wants the Catholic to align itself more with the changing realities in the society. His vow against poverty intends to attract more efforts from governments and other organizations to reduce suffering of people around the world. This is the goal of the church other than spreading the gospel. 38 Jewish, Christian, and Islamic monotheism affect each other in regards to the sources of moral standards that govern social interactions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam consider God as the single of a source of morality that guides society on the ethical principles that govern social interactions. These moral standards have existed for centuries and seldom change to accommodate the social and political realities. On the other hand, Radical Enlightenment conflicted the monotheistic standards as it sought for secularization of all interactions that touched on public life. The movement promoted secular values such as democracy, equality, and justice,

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