Social Anxiety and Marijuana Use

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Social Anxiety and Marijuana Use Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Social anxiety is a common risk factor for cannabis –related impairment. Particularly, it is a form of stress associated with high rate of problematic marijuana use. Studies indicate that there a causal relation between social anxiety and the use of Marijuana. However, the relationship is not reliant on the frequency of marijuana use. This study investigates this relation through the review of various studies on the topic. Notably, few studies have tried to explain this kind of relationship between social anxiety and the use of marijuana. Consequently, the individuals with social anxiety continue to be are significant vulnerability to conform to social pressures such as using the substance to avoid public ridicule. In some cases, they use marijuana to do away with some of the emotional conditions that seem to distress them. Anxiety Sensitivity and Intolerance Uncertainty, are just but some of the mechanisms through which, the social anxiety related to using marijuana manifest. Nonetheless, the study remains unconvincing due to various limitations including the population the results are drawn from, and the methodology. There is a need to conduct a controlled comprehensive study to ascertain the indications of a causal relation between social anxiety and the use of marijuana. Marijuana remains a popular global drug easily obtained around the world. Indeed, there are increasing efforts to legalize cannabis due to various studies that have affirmed its medicinal benefits and the intense euphoria it produces (Buckner, Mallott, Schmidt, & Taylor, 2006, 1090). Whichever the impression,

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