Soccer Club HR/Customer Base Research

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Your name Teacher’s name Class DateHuman Relations Management Challenges at ABC Club Human resource management is crucial for any organization. It is of particular importance in sporting organization where almost every activity concerns dealing with human resource. Nonprofit originations often begin operations with the use of volunteers. Since money is an essential motivation to accountability, the virtual of being charitable and utilizing, volunteers can often overshadow the need for proper management. These are the challenges that have encountered ABC Club. The board of directors has focused on the field activities of the team and completely ignored the organizational management of the team. As a result, the number of volunteers had diminished, and the team is deficient of staff. The team does not have any marketing team and thus people are not aware of this need within the club. Besides, the team does not have proper social media channels to advance its mission nor is the recruitment process carried out efficiently. The website is outdated which gives misleading information o interested stakeholders. Apart from this, the fundraising and business department of the club is inefficiently run. A proper human resource management practice is therefore required to rescue the club from the looming doom. Despite the virtue of non-profit organization, the need for competitiveness and accountability demands proper running of organizations. There are various factors that could help ABC achieve this. One of this is systematic hiring process. Despite operating through the use of volunteers, the organization needs to ensure that those carrying out its operations are indeed

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