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SNAPPLE MARKETING STRATEGY Name Institution Introduction Dr. Pepper’s Snapple Group is a brand of soft drinks and ice teas that originated from Texas that achieved popularity due to its marketing strategy that utilized modern pop-culture references. For instance, a lot of its packaging contained some fun fact about popular TV shows, songs, and other interesting anecdotes. Founded in 1972, the company would cut out a niche for itself in a period where a craze for healthy food was beginning to gain traction in the United States (Dr. Pepper Snapple Group 2010). By advertising itself as a healthy alternative to the like of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the Snapple brands were able to gain a foothold during the “Cola Wars” where soft drink companies were spending over $60 million on media advertising alone. In such a case, we compare and contrast Snapple marketing strategies with a major company like PepsiCo. Market Segmentation Market Segmentation is the division and profiling of potential buyers in a market into groups or demographics by considering various issues which have shaped a particular group’s purchasing power and habits (Cadogan 2009). One of the most important steps in marketing, identifying current market segmentations will help the Snapple brand meet the various needs that each potential buyer is seeking and compare it to PepsiCo. Hooley et al. note that various factors often influence particular demographics’ taste and preference (Hooley, Saunders & Piercy 2004). For example, Snapple capitalized on the need for healthier, natural alternatives for the carbonated drinks provided by its competitors. The four forms of segmentation are; demographic

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