SMART Objectives

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: My SMART Objectives Each student in college has various goals and objectives that he or she intends to accomplish in a given duration. Although students form these objectives with good intentions, they often fail because of their failure to come up with Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely (SMART) objectives (Miner n.p). The SMART approach guides in creating and attaining goals. In this regard, the below are three SMART objectives that I believe would improve my learning experience and academic performance in college. Arrange a meeting outside class with each professor at least once per semester Professors are very busy people, always working on a tight schedule. However, I understand that it is of great importance to establish a working relationship with the professors as they can turn out to be extremely resourceful for the course and later in my profession (Miner n.p.). They understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses and can be helpful with advice and more insight. Exercise for forty-five minutes thrice a week Attending classes, maintaining a social relationship with friends and finishing assignments can take a lot of a student’s time in college. However, my success in these activities will depend on my physical and mental health. Exercise is among the best ways to improve and maintain a healthy body and mind. Take an extra-challenging course outside my major every academic year I read that it is quite useful and essential for an individual to be knowledgeable in several areas of study (Miner n.p). For this reason, another SMART objective I have added to my list is to take a course

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